We said that Tony Lucca would go all the way… and having fallen just two places short of victory, it turns out he is not the one-dimensional artist Christina Aguilera said he was.  But what did in fact go all the way, was the made-for-TV vendetta between the less than supportive Christina and her former Mickey Mouseketeer teammate, Tony Lucca.

Mocking his latest performance – with paper cup in hand, Aguilera first coolly complimented Lucca, but ended it with, “the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women, but all in all I thought it was fun.” She was referring to Lucca’s neat rendition of Jay-z’s “99 Problems,” where the word “bitch” was avoided in the lyrics.  Moments later after Chris Mann’s performance, she made reference to how Mann was a ‘real man’ with class nonetheless – no need to be derogatory toward women… All this said while sporting what appeared to be some sort of sequence diaper on stage.

Such hypocrisy.  How can a woman comment about something being derogatory toward women and dress as though her voice itself was not enough?  Are there no brassieres that fit?  Were stores empty of apparel that fell below the crotch line?  And why not meet her contestants on stage for that supportive hug without first looking for the perfect camera angle?

In defence of Tony Lucca’s and Adam Levine’s choice in song, Lavine said,

“Just to clarify… the intent behind the song – we talked about this for hours Tony and I… and the ‘*#!** ain’t one,’ is life getting at you; things bringing you down… we’re not referring to women, we’re referring to everything.”

Christina Aguilera has a voice that some would argue is bar-none – Blake Shelton admitted that on the show a number of times.  But she, like all of us, has another voice – made up of not only words, but of actions.  From pretending not to recognize Tony in auditions to referring to him as one-dimensional and then slamming him for being derogatory toward women – in front of his family… there’s no doubt that there’s some sort of unfinished business here.

We’re not sure what went wrong in the former Mickey Mouse Club all those years ago that made Lucca deserving of such a snub.  But perhaps as Lucca’s career progresses, the truth will eventually come out.

Q. Is the rendition of this song derogatory toward women?  You decide… Here’s the Tony Lucca performance that brought such heat from Christina Aguilera just a couple of nights ago…

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  1. S. Stanwosky June 1, 2012at3:16 pm

    I thought Tony’s piece was tasteful and well done. As a woman, not once did I take offence to this performance.