Fake News

– By J.S. Porter


Is fake the keyword of our time?

Fake presidents, fake marks,

fake smiles, fake eyebrows,

fake bank accounts, fake money,

fake sympathy, fake trees,

fake news.

You just make it up:

Bill raped a 13-year-old and

Hillary defended him.

The Pope blesses Donald’s candidacy

at the last hour.

With fake news, you don’t need to read

 and think—             just turn on your screen and click.

Truth is what’s popular,                what’s trending.

The more outlandish the claim, the better.

Three-headed babies with horns are sexier than normal births.

Who wants a problem solver when you can have a Reality TV star?

Brought in to drain the swamp, The Man with the Orange Hair

is now its main occupant, increasing the acreage daily.

Hard to catch a con man’s con when there are so many

shiny new ways to deceive and distract, deflect and disinform.




Paul Berton’s editorial, “The Rise of Fake News,” in The Hamilton Spectator, 26 Nov 2016, is worth a read.