Romney-Ryan: Moderately Reactionary?

By Erin Drushel

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Okay, this is how I see it –

First and foremost, the Republicans want to win.  And I believe they’ve chosen Mitt Romney – who despite his personal wealth and top-down approach to economics, is generally a moderate candidate – out of necessity rather than desire.  I don’t believe you can win the country if you are too far to the right (or too far to the left for that matter), and I believe the back-room Republicans know this, too.

The problem is, the Republican Party (GOP) is not speaking with one voice.  The party is visibly divided.  On the one side, you have your traditional, moderate conservatives; on the other, you have the far-right-wing reactionaries.  Under these circumstances, a moderate at the helm will not appease the far-right.

Romney’s choice of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan – with his right-leaning budgetary vision – as his Vice Presidential (VP) running mate is an attempt to appear a man of all things to all people in the party.  This bold choice could be seen by the public as a move to unify a divided party, also making Romney more palatable to the right-wingers who don’t feel he’s providing a clearly-defined option in this election.  Of course, there is an equal possibility that this choice could further widen the internal GOP rift.  Only time will tell.

Here’s the thing…

What does it say about the quarterback when your team is more excited about your back-up than you?

Yes, Mitt Romney has had a tough summer sell to voters, and I’m sure he wants to steer the conversation away from his personal taxes, his tenure at Bain Capital, and where his money is, to a place where he can control the message.

But does changing the focus away from the presumptive Presidential candidate to the presumptive VP candidate really help his cause?

Newsflash for Mr. Romney: it’s your resume that’s important.  And whine about it all you want, but it’s fair game.  You are asking a nation to trust you to do what is right and necessary as the President of the United States.  Winning the presidency is not just about ideals; you have to show the people why you are the right person for the job.

Now, it’s not your fault that your own party publicly doesn’t support everything you’ve done, but this is about you and only you can sell it.  This should not be about Paul Ryan.  I’ve been doing my level best to not pick on you and the many faux pas of your campaign – everybody makes mistakes and is allowed to make mistakes – but when you accidentally name Ryan the next President of the United States it’s hard to not be distracted by your mistakes.

And, really, how can you expect to get the job if you don’t see yourself in the job…?

– Erin Drushel