Show Notes

Welcome to episode 73 of the Nancy Duffy Show! I am so stoked for today’s show because this week we’re taking a break from the business of work and politics – you’re welcome!

Why? Because it’s only every once in a while that you have an opportunity to speak with an artist/group that you’ve admired from afar, who’s actually coming to your neck of the woods. And so for today’s show, it is my privilege to share an interview with JT from Birds of Chicago along with some of their music, in anticipation of the group performing live at The Ark on November 23rd, 2019. Join me as I go back… way back to the genesis of the group and their sound while discussing the trends and climate of music-making today.

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About Birds of Chicago

Birds of Chicago is what happens when soulful Canadiana encounters Midwest Americana; it’s the love story of girl meets boy through music. Allison Russel grew up in Montreal, Quebec, first exploring her musical career on a road trip to Vancouver with friends. She made a name for herself while performing as part of a Canadian band called Po’ Girl. Having grown up in Ohio before putting down roots in Chicago, JT Nero played in a band called JT and the Clouds. The two bands often toured together before JT and Allison came together as Birds of Chicago.

Birds of Chicago featuring Steve Dawson on their Lucky 13 UK Tour, backstage at Tonder Festival in Aug 2019. Photo by Morton Fog.