Everyone has something to contribute… and humans are not meant to be in cubicles, or to be “yes people,” or get a gold watch and “check-out-of-life” people. If you’ve got it going on and no one yet knows about it – do your research; make a plan and share your gift with the world.

What’s being said in this video is Not only for entrepreneurs – you don’t have to start a business. You just have to start living… And if that includes starting a business that contributes to a healthy economy – great. But if it includes sharing and living in a way that lifts others up as well (which if done well, can also do the same by the way), even better. <3

PS – I should point out that Gary in this video says – “you’re only 50…” implying that you don’t have to be winding down because you have at least a good 40 years left. But I say – even if you had just one year left, it would be a shame to make any kind of exit without imparting the gifts that only you can.


Watch: So You Just Turned 50