As music lovers come to know Johnny Reid, what has consistently stood out, aside from his music of course, is his easy-going demeanour and genuine persona. And it got us to thinking about the general demeanour of Canadians. We are notorious for being nice.  Sometimes too nice.  But Canada can’t take credit for growing the likes of Johnny Reid.  Although now one of our own, he is one of Scotland’s finer gifts to Canada.

We caught a glimpse of the personality who prefers “to walk in the sunshine” while attending the 40th Annual Juno Awards Gala at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Scotland-born, Canadian singer/songwriter Johnny Reid accepted the award for Country Album of the Year for “A Place Called Love.”

About Johnny

From his music you wouldn’t know it, but outside of his harmonized lyrics, Johnny Reid’s lovely accent originally hails from Lanark, Scotland. Born there in 1974, Reid would eventually hit Canadian soil in July 1988 at the age of 13. He met his wife while attending Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, who Reid credits for much of his inspiration.