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S3, Ep. 005 – Confronting the sentence of ALS – with special guest Doug Reid

Show Notes

I’m often at a loss for words when confronted with situations I have no control over – or when hearing the kind of news that leaves a deep sting. It’s unexpected. And so when I learned about Doug Reid’s diagnosis, I reached out with a clumsy message… and then wondered if it were best if I didn’t say anything at all. Well, I got over that quickly and then reached out some more.

“2022 Sicamous British Columbia on a weeklong adventure ride through the mountains with my late friend Ric, his son, my son Jack, and a friend they race with. That was the last time I rode a full-size motorcycle… In the end, I was exhausted but I had a big smile on my face and a trip that all of us will never forget.”

Tonight, Doug Reid shares his personal journey on confronting ALS and the practical matters we ought to think about when we’re healthy. This is such an important, eye-opening conversation about long-term healthcare, the struggle for purpose when circumstances change, and thoughts about family when utter despair hides our normal senses. Despite this monster of a diagnosis, Doug is blessed with a wonderful family and friends – an homage to the person he is and the character of those around him.

I’ve shared Doug’s brief bio below, as well as helpful links mentioned in this episode. If you know of someone suffering from ALS, or any disease for that matter, share this story with them. You can also share your thoughts and experiences with us by leaving an audiogram on our contact page.

I am so grateful to Doug for his courage and authenticity in allowing us a window into his journey. May it be of great use to others.

God’s speed my friend,

About Doug Reid

Doug Reid is a compassionate husband and father of two. He’s passionate about leadership and making the most of life with family and friends. He has a huge soft spot for motocross racing, hockey, and his two rescue dogs, Travis—named after Travis Pastrana and Ivy.

In his professional life, Doug spent 32 years in accomplished leadership roles helping people and companies grow and fostering a culture of creativity, risk-taking and trust. In 2021, he was diagnosed with ALS and is now on a life sabbatical, intent on making the most of his time while still trying to help others.

In his own words –

“My approach to business has always been through simplicity and fostering a culture of creativity, risk takers and trust. Creating an environment where failures lead to successes and success is hard work. Coach and mentor, teacher and hopefully paying forward what I have learned to others. My favourite interview question is,” Tell us about one of your weaknesses”… I am hard on myself, I internalize my stress and have difficulty celebrating personal success. As a true Canadian, I love the sport of hockey, the values, the sense of team, failures, and success no matter the level. Passionate about motocross which teaches you so much about yourself, racer and mechanic and lover of all motorcycles. Husband and father to three amazing people who put up with my personal quirks & selfishness, my anxieties, my passion, and my competitiveness, I am truly thankful and blessed. Humbled human.”

Links of Services Mentioned in the Show

S3, Ep. 004 – Late Ticket to Change

A Little Less Judgement Please 🙂

Show Notes

This week, I share a dream I’ve been having, which brings me back in time to frosty car windows, snow-filled roads, and more speeding tickets than I can count. It’s a small (and short!) story about redemption sparked by a small act of mercy.

Have a story of your own? Leave an audiogram on our contact pageand we’ll respond in our next episode. 

Until next time, have a great night!

Here’s the verse I shared in the episode from James 5:13-16:

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise. Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

S3, Ep. 003 – Working through Abandonment with Dr. Audrey Sherman

Show Notes

This week, we’re carving out a space for improving parental relationships. We open this episode airing a short clip from this fantastic father/daughter scene (posted below) where a young lady named Faye captions this in her social media post – “when you get to watch your dad watch his favourite song live for the first time ever!”
Sadly, not all parental relationships are this telling… But they can be!

Dr. Audrey Sherman (“19 Lasting Effects of Abandoning or Emotionally Unavailable Parents”) joins this week’s show to help us understand and work through the complex issue of fixing broken parental relationships and how to work through abandonment issues as an adult.

Scroll down to see our guest’s bio and links to things mentioned in the episode. You can get involved with the show by leaving us an audiogram on our contact page.

Until next time, have a great night!

About this Week’s Guest

Dr. Audrey Sherman

Dr. Audrey Sherman is a licensed Psychologist, Coach, and author of Dysfunction Interrupted: How to Quickly Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger Starting Now. She is the founder of PsychSkills Institute and Dysfunction Interrupted™ and is an expert in helping others overcome emotional baggage stemming from a dysfunctional family, past relationships or dysfunctional thinking patterns.

Audrey holds degrees from Clemson University and The University of Georgia, having completed her doctoral internship through Wayne State University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences in Detroit, MI.

Also Mentioned in this Episode

S3, Ep. 002 – More than a White Man’s Religion. A Talk with Apologist, Abdu Murray.

Show Notes

This week, author and apologist Abdu Murray joins us to discuss some of the most significant critiques of Christianity through his book, More than a White Man’s Religion Why the Gospel Has Never Been Merely White, Male-Centred, or Just Another Religion. If you have understood the Christian faith as exclusionary or racist, tonight’s guest is here to refute that.

Listen to the claims and counterclaims, and let us know your thoughts. Did your understanding or opinion change? You can get involved by leaving us an audiogram on our contact page. We’ll include it in our next episode if we receive it in time.

Until then, have a great night!

About Abdu Murray

Abdu Murray, speaker and author of More than a White Man's Religion.
Abdu Murray, speaker and author of More than a White Man’s Religion.

Abdu Murray has travelled the world speaking and writing about Christianity –  from the unique perspective of having grown up as a Muslim. He has authored several books, including Saving Truth: Finding Meaning and Clarity in a Post-Truth World, Grand Central Question, Apocalypse Later, and most recently, More than a White Man’s Religion. His podcast, All Rise with Abdu Murray and Derek Caldwell, airs bi-weekly on YouTube and podcast platforms everywhere.

Abdu holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. He lives in Detroit, Michigan, with his wife and their three children.

S3, Ep. 001 – Commitment

Show Notes

Have you ever been deeply affected by a broken commitment – I mean, to the point of it shaking you to your core? Does that experience still affect you today? The idea of keeping promises we make to others spans far beyond marriage. It is the cornerstone of all relationships.

Did you know that six in 10 American parents admit that they spend more time on their electronic devices than their kids do? On average, parents spend nearly five hours a day on electronic devices, compared to the less than four hours they spend on meaningful activities with their kids, according to a survey of 2,000 parents.

–New York Post, July 26, 2023

Join me this week as I discuss the joys (and pain) of commitment and how finally deciding to do the things we said we would can benefit us all.

I would love to hear about your experiences – good, bad, and otherwise – about today’s topic. You can get involved by leaving us an audiogram on our contact page. If we receive it in time, we’ll include it in our next episode.

Until then, happy listening – and have a great night!

Season 3 – Late Talks on Air – I have a new show name ?

Show Notes

Hi there Happy Sunday – for this July 23rd, 2023. I just wanted to jump on here quickly to let you know about some significant changes to the show – beginning with the show’s name.

The Nancy Duffy Show is now called Late Talks on Air!

Why the change after all these years? For starters, I want to open up opportunities for guest hosts to join me from time to time. And as well I think the new name more succinctly points to the kinds of conversations we should be having sooner rather than later. Carpe Diem!

We’ll officially relaunch the show as Late Talks on Air on August 20th – just a few short weeks away.

I’m looking forward to talking with you all once again.

Until then, have a great night!

S2, Ep. 009 – Finding Faith in a New York Prison

Show Notes

Happy New Year, and welcome to another episode of Late Talks on Air on the Nancy Duffy show for Sunday, January 1st, 2023!

A true story of redemption, my guest for this week’s show shares a testimony unlike any I’ve ever heard. Author and now pastor Herman Mendoza built an empire in Queens, New York, selling cocaine up and down the eastern seaboard, along with his brothers, throughout the late 1980s and into the early 1990s.

Seemingly, against all odds, through prison time, affairs, depression, and only after truly realizing and understanding the repercussions of all he had done, Mendoza somehow salvages a marriage and rebuilds a life diametrically opposed to the rut carved over years of obstinance and crime. Of course, he doesn’t do it on his own, which you’ll learn more about in the episode.

Mendoza has written a book titled Shifting Shadows—a fascinating account of his greatest follies written in hopes of helping others on their journey toward peace.

I promise you will find his story riveting.  If you’re feeling like throwing in the towel because of something you’ve done, I think Brother Mendoza has some good news!

As always, I would love to hear your response to the show. You can leave me a voice-mail message here!

Until next time,

This week’s special guest

Rev. Herman Mendoza, Author, Associate Pastor, and Director of PowerHouse Kids Ministry, Promise Ministries International, NYC.

Rev. Herman Mendoza currently serves as an Associate Pastor and Director of PowerHouse Kids Ministry, at Promise Ministries International in New York City. He is also one of the speakers for The 4/14 Window Movement, a global initiative to raise a new generation of children, ages 4 to 14, to be the leaders of tomorrow through Christ.

He speaks at conferences, schools, and churches around the world, spreading the message of hope, faith, grace, and redemption. Pastor Mendoza is a community leader and collaborates with the New York Police Academy through his youth program to educate young people about police culture.

Shifting Shadows: How a New York Drug Lord Found Freedom in the Last Place He Expected

Pastor Mendoza’s memoir, Shifting Shadows: How a New York Drug Lord Found Freedom in the Last Place He Expected, has been published with Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group. It details the story of his life as a lost young man who, after experiencing the lowest point in his life—convicted for drug trafficking and sentenced to prison—found forgiveness and a new life in Jesus Christ. These are truly milestone markings of a life transformed by the relentless love of God.

S2, Ep. 008 – Josh Lewis – A Case for Renewed Conservatism?

A Few Show Notes

In his book, “Why good people are divided by politics and religion,” researcher Johnathan Haidt noted the migration of the electorate away from the center, with more people identifying as either conservative or liberal. Near the end, Haidt writes,

“Once people join a political team, they get ensnared in its moral matrix. They see confirmation of their grand narrative everywhere, and it’s difficult – perhaps impossible – to convince them they are wrong if you argue with them from outside of their matrix.”

Would it not be prudent then to challenge politicians to reflect on actions and rhetoric from within their own parties? Between now and early 2023, I’d like to explore this further with voices from both sides of the political aisle.

In fairness, I asked today’s guest to join me before fully fleshing out this idea. In retrospect, perhaps our discussion helped formulate it. And so, this week, beginning on the right, fellow podcaster and conservative thinker Josh Lewis of the Saving Elephants Podcast joins me to discuss the state of conservatism and a case for looking deeper into the values and voices behind it.

Tune in as myself and Josh Lewis, of the Saving Elephants Podcast, discuss Case for Renewed Conservatism in American Politics.

As always, I would love to hear your voice in response to the show. You can leave me a voice-mail message here!

Until next time,

This week’s special guest

Josh Lewis, Saving Elephants Podcast

Josh Lewis is the founder and host of The Saving Elephants Podcast, aimed at engaging Millennials about conservative values with a mercifully modern twist. It serves as a counter-voice to “political shock-talk and rank punditry” while re-introducing and discussing past and present conservative thinkers.

During this episode, Josh shares why he started the Saving Elephants Podcast and his desire to reach the millennial generation with a conservative substance worth discovering. Josh also mentions a number of conservatives that people can look to as examples, including Edmund Burke, Thomas Sowell, and Yuval Levin.

S2, Ep. 007 – Testing 123… Friends dare discuss politics, Twitter, dark fashion, and everything else

Show Notes

This episode started only with the intention of testing a new audio interface for the show. And so I asked a friend of mine to join me for the ‘air test,’ and the rest was history, as they say.

Tune in as Julie Berthiaume and I discuss the following:

  • Mimicking Parliament and Never Answering a Single Question 🙂  What if Canadians followed suit?
  • Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). New Changes through Bill C-7 to “broaden the scope of the law, permitting persons whose natural death is not reasonably foreseeable to access MAID under certain circumstances.”
  • Bill C-11 and what it means for Canadian Content Creators. The CRTC regulates broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada. Bill C-11 would grant the CRTC new powers, including the ability to impose financial penalties against people and businesses that violate certain provisions of the Broadcasting Act or its regulations.
  • Did old Twitter run Political Interference? Elon Musk exposes “back channels between Twitter and the Biden 2020 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to ban critics or remove negative stories.”

This episode was such a fun and impromptu treat for me!

Until next time,

This week’s special guest

Julie Berthiaume (who I refer to as “Julie B” on the show) is a long-time friend and artist. She delivers wonderful gift boxes to seniors on behalf of family and friends through her business, My POMPOM (an acronym for Peace of Mind Package of Merch). You can learn more about Julie and help support her business here. 

S2, Ep. 006 – Who do we think we are? A fateful week ahead in Canada and the U.S.

A Few Show Notes

Hello, lovelies 🙂

We’re on the verge of a fateful week here in Canada and in the U.S.

In Ontario, Canada, Premier Doug Ford and the Minister of Education find themselves at odds with an estimated 55,000 education workers and the Canadian Union of Public Employees. There is no question that the timing of a strike would find an already disadvantaged student body – at a further disadvantage! During this episode, I’ll define the notwithstanding clause and discuss why it’s being proposed to avert a strike preemptively.

This week on Late Talks on Air @ the Nancy Duffy Show

  • Ontario Education Worker’s strike and the notwithstanding clause
  • Leaving Twitter (a long time coming – before the era of Elon Musk)
  • Midterm elections in the U.S.A.
  • I can’t believe this is happening – Have we had it too good?

And then, of course, this coming Tuesday is the midterms in the U.S.! What seems to have been one of the most protracted campaigns will hopefully end in a way that helps move the nation forward. Let me know your thoughts!

Until we meet again, Viva democracy!