Show Notes

I’m often at a loss for words when confronted with situations I have no control over – or when hearing the kind of news that leaves a deep sting. It’s unexpected. And so when I learned about Doug Reid’s diagnosis, I reached out with a clumsy message… and then wondered if it were best if I didn’t say anything at all. Well, I got over that quickly and then reached out some more.

“2022 Sicamous British Columbia on a weeklong adventure ride through the mountains with my late friend Ric, his son, my son Jack, and a friend they race with. That was the last time I rode a full-size motorcycle… In the end, I was exhausted but I had a big smile on my face and a trip that all of us will never forget.”

Tonight, Doug Reid shares his personal journey on confronting ALS and the practical matters we ought to think about when we’re healthy. This is such an important, eye-opening conversation about long-term healthcare, the struggle for purpose when circumstances change, and thoughts about family when utter despair hides our normal senses. Despite this monster of a diagnosis, Doug is blessed with a wonderful family and friends – an homage to the person he is and the character of those around him.

I’ve shared Doug’s brief bio below, along with helpful links mentioned in this episode. If you know of someone suffering from an illness, share this story with them.

I am so grateful to Doug for his courage and authenticity in allowing us a window into his journey. May it be of great use to others.

God’s speed, my friend,

About Doug Reid

Doug Reid is a compassionate husband and father of two. He’s passionate about leadership and making the most of life with family and friends. He has a huge soft spot for motocross racing and hockey, as well as his two rescue dogs, Travis, named after Travis Pastrana and Ivy.

In his professional life, Doug spent 32 years in accomplished leadership roles, helping people and companies grow and fostering a culture of creativity, risk-taking and trust. In 2021, he was diagnosed with ALS and is now on a life sabbatical, intent on making the most of his time while still trying to help others.

In his own words –

“My approach to business has always been through simplicity and fostering a culture of creativity, risk takers and trust. Creating an environment where failures lead to successes and success is hard work. Coach and mentor, teacher and hopefully paying forward what I have learned to others. My favourite interview question is,” Tell us about one of your weaknesses”… I am hard on myself, I internalize my stress and have difficulty celebrating personal success. As a true Canadian, I love the sport of hockey, the values, the sense of team, failures, and success no matter the level. Passionate about motocross which teaches you so much about yourself, racer and mechanic and lover of all motorcycles. Husband and father to three amazing people who put up with my personal quirks & selfishness, my anxieties, my passion, and my competitiveness, I am truly thankful and blessed. Humbled human.”

Links of Services Mentioned in the Show