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Goodbye COVID-19!

for my mother who survived the virus

By J.S. Porter

Good riddance. May I never see you again.

When you struck hard in the spring of 2020, I did the only thing I knew how to do – I wrote.

I wrote letters to my local newspaper, The Hamilton Spectator, seven in total, on:

and Gratitude

Here are my word offerings, in no particular order. I wrote them with gratitude in my heart for Frontline Workers, Nurses, Doctors and Personal Support Workers everywhere. This time next year I hope you, heartless Covid-19, are a distant memory.

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2020-04-20 · Sometimes questions lead you to love — the ones whom you love and the ones who love you. J.S. Porter lives and writes in Hamilton.

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2020-05-04 · By J.SPorter Mon., May 4, 2020 timer 4 min. read In his essay “The Future of Intimacy,” Torontonian Mark Kingwell informs us that our word “intimacy” derives from the Latin intimus …