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When You’re Only 50… It’s Really Like 20-Something with Experience.

Everyone has something to contribute… and humans are not meant to be in cubicles, or to be “yes people,” or get a gold watch and “check-out-of-life” people. If you’ve got it going on and no one yet knows about it – do your research; make a plan and share your gift with the world.

What’s being said in this video is Not only for entrepreneurs – you don’t have to start a business. You just have to start living… And if that includes starting a business that contributes to a healthy economy – great. But if it includes sharing and living in a way that lifts others up as well (which if done well, can also do the same by the way), even better. <3

PS – I should point out that Gary in this video says – “you’re only 50…” implying that you don’t have to be winding down because you have at least a good 40 years left. But I say – even if you had just one year left, it would be a shame to make any kind of exit without imparting the gifts that only you can.


Watch: So You Just Turned 50

Foster’s Inn, Stratford: Good Company, Great Music… We’re All Friends Here.

Foster's Inn, Stratford
Foster’s Inn, Stratford

People sometimes think that being an entrepreneur is an enviable position.  But at times, it can be a lonely existence.  Between interviews and events, I work mostly in solitude.  I’m on the road a lot – pulling over to rest my eyes on longer trips, so as to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.  Typically, my days are not typical.  And sometimes not even practical.

So why do I do it?  The hope is that what I bring back will be of interest – or even better, of inspiration, to anyone willing to read, listen or watch.  On May 19th my hope brought me to the landing of Foster’s Inn, Stratford – where I was immediately welcomed as if I had been there many times before.  It was like “Cheers” as I watched the patrons file in for the show.  Everyone here knows everyone’s name.

There’s a certain magic that happens as you spend time in a place such as this; hearing stories behind the bar and over the mic before each song is sung.  By the end of the night I had been inspired by the very inspiration I sought to share with others.  I started the Coffee House Series first to inspire and share the idea of community.  And second, because an introverted extrovert can not simply exist only in the confines of internet streams and digital imprints.  How can I share this world I choose to expose without properly seeing it for myself?  We are curious, social beings. It’s why busy coffee shops are the first ones people want to go to… We want to be where the people are. It’s the company; the camaraderie – the sense of belonging.

Foster’s Inn embodies everything The Coffee House Series attempts to capture – a place to grow community and welcome talent, to welcome family, friends and strangers alike.  Every small town; every big town, could take a lesson from Foster’s Inn: It’s not who you know… but rather, how did you greet them?

Live Show Airs This Thursday and Saturday

InRetro LIVE – “The Coffee House Series” was recorded live on location at Foster’s Inn, in Stratford, Ontario, and airs Thursday, May 26th and Saturday the 27th at 10 PM Eastern.  It will feature the music of String Bone, Dayna Manning, Emm Gryner and Jory Nash, as well as interviews with locals sharing with the rest of Canada, why they love their town.  Here’s a video sampling from with opening act, String Bone, performing “I Took That Train.”  More videos from this event will be posted throughout this week.

Special thanks to Dayna Manning, Barry James Payne, Jory Nash, Emm Gryner, John “the sound guy,” Craig Foster and Foster’s Inn for a wonderful night of music and kinship. Cheers!