Welcome to episode #60 with Special Guest AHI!

“A girl at school – she heard me singing, and she’s like, you know you have a good voice, it’s not a really good voice, but you know how Jamaican singers sound…” –AHI

Today, we’re taking a tiny break from politics… (you’re welcome!) because today’s show is all about the music and hard work of Canadian singer/songwriter AHI – whose recently released album, In Our Time, made the top ten charts on iTunes.

He was featured on our #InRetroFanFARE a few weeks ago. And we’ve been fortunate enough to have him on this show – to share the methodology behind his work, and his sound with all of you.

Tune in to hear how nice guys don’t finish last – and how AHI makes his big break with Grammy Award-winning producer David Macias of Thirty Tigers.