Show Notes

Hello, lovelies 🙂

We’re on the verge of a fateful week here in Canada and in the U.S.

In Ontario, Canada, Premier Doug Ford and the Minister of Education find themselves at odds with an estimated 55,000 education workers and the Canadian Union of Public Employees. There is no question that the timing of a strike would find an already disadvantaged student body – at a further disadvantage! During this episode, I’ll define the notwithstanding clause and discuss why it’s being proposed to avert a strike preemptively.

This week on Late Talks on Air

  • Ontario Education Worker’s strike and the notwithstanding clause
  • Leaving Twitter (a long time coming – before the era of Elon Musk)
  • Midterm elections in the U.S.A.
  • I can’t believe this is happening – Have we had it too good?

And then, of course, this coming Tuesday is the midterms in the U.S.! What seems to have been one of the most protracted campaigns will hopefully end in a way that helps move the nation forward. Let me know your thoughts!

Until we meet again, viva democracy!